Petition for contempt of court to be filed against IG Punjab: Hammad

Petition for contempt of court to be filed against IG Punjab Hammad - UTV Pakistan

In Peshawar, Pakistan, Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Hammad Azhar made a statement on Wednesday regarding the Inspector General of Punjab filing approximately 51 terrorism cases against him.

Addressing the media at the Peshawar Press Club, Azhar revealed that he had formally requested the court to provide him with detailed information about the number of cases filed against him.

However, Azhar expressed his disappointment in the IG Punjab for misrepresenting the facts by claiming that only 23 cases were registered against him, when in reality, the total number was 51.

He further announced his intention to file a contempt of court case against the IG Punjab for this discrepancy.

Azhar informed the court that his business had suffered and his family had been adversely affected by these false accusations.

He explained that he had been falsely accused of possessing petrol bombs, hand grenades, and pistols in various locations.

Azhar concluded by emphasizing that despite being arrested, no evidence had been found against him, while the IG Punjab had been awarded a medal for the same baseless allegations.

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