Rain likely to hit Karachi from today

PMD predicts rain, windstorms in many parts of country

The people of Karachi should themselves for rainfall as two westerly systems are expected to bring wet weather to the city starting today.

Renowned weather analyst Jawad Memon has predicted that Karachi will likely experience rain and thunderstorms from April 13 to 15 due to the first system. During this time, we can expect light to moderate rainfall of up to 15 millimeters along with gusty winds.

Memon has also warned that thunderstorm clouds may develop in suburban areas by this evening, with rain anticipated in Karachi and its surroundings on April 14, possibly continuing until the morning of April 15.

Looking ahead, the second westerly system is forecasted to reach southern regions of the country, including Sindh and Balochistan, on April 17. This system has the potential to bring rain to coastal areas, including Karachi.

As per Memon’s analysis, thunder cells could form on the outskirts of Karachi from April 17 onwards, leading to rain and thunderstorms in the city on April 18 and 19.

Additionally, the Meteorological Department has predicted moderate to heavy rainfall in various parts of Sindh, such as Sukkur and Larkana, in the coming days. Stay informed and stay safe during this rainy spell!

Rain likely to hit Karachi from today

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