Dry, hot weather to persist in most parts of country

PMD forecasts mainly dry weather for most parts of country

Lahore is experiencing a steady rise in temperature each day, with the Meteorological office predicting that dry and hot weather will persist in the upcoming days.

The soaring temperatures have resulted in a slowdown in Eid shopping during the day, as shoppers are opting to visit bazaars and markets after sunset.

The likelihood of rain before Eid is low, as the Meteorological office anticipates dry and hot weather across most parts of the country.

Dry weather prevailed in the city on Saturday, with similar conditions expected to persist for the next 24 hours, according to the Meteorological office.

Meteorological officials have attributed the prevailing dry and hot conditions in the southern regions to the influence of continental air affecting most parts of the country.

While dusty winds may be experienced in the plain areas during the afternoon, there is a possibility of rain, wind, and thunderstorms in some areas of Kashmir and its surroundings.

On Saturday, Shaheed Benazirabad recorded the highest temperature at 41°C, while Lahore experienced a temperature of 33.5°C, with a minimum of 18.5°C.

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