Social media spreading misinformation about the situation in Kyrgyzstan: Dar

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LAHORE: Foreign Minister Ishaq Dar stated on Sunday that his Kyrgyz counterpart, Jeenbek Kulubayev, assured him that the situation in Bishkek was calm and that social media was being used to exaggerate the situation.

During a press conference, Dar mentioned that Kulubayev reported a total of 16 foreign students were injured in the recent attacks, including four to five Pakistanis. He clarified that the reports of deaths were completely untrue.

According to Kyrgyz authorities, paid bloggers are spreading false information, Dar added, emphasizing that social media was being used to provoke violence.

Dar, who also serves as the deputy prime minister, initially planned to travel to Bishkek but was advised by Kulubayev that it was unnecessary as the situation was under control.

The foreign minister confirmed that no incidents have occurred since Friday and mentioned that additional flights would be arranged for Pakistani students who wished to return.

Information Minister Attaullah Tarar, speaking at the press conference, clarified that the incident was not specifically targeted against Pakistan. He explained that the situation escalated after a confrontation between locals and Egyptian students, affecting students from Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh.

Without naming the PTI, Tarar criticized a political party for spreading misinformation on social media about the events in Bishkek. He reassured that no students were killed or assaulted, and accused the party of misleading parents with false information.

Dar disclosed that there are approximately 11,000 Pakistani students studying in Kyrgyzstan, with over 5,000 in Bishkek and the rest in other cities. The incident involved a group of medical students, he informed.

He mentioned that Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif was closely monitoring the situation and emphasized the importance of trusting Kyrgyz officials. Dar stressed that diplomatic relations should not be jeopardized due to rumors and false news.

The Kyrgyz foreign minister assured Dar that individuals involved in violent acts had been arrested and that the government would take strict action against them.

Social media spreading misinformation about the situation in Kyrgyzstan: Dar

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