Barrister Gohar rejects negotiations with anyone

Barrister Gohar rejects negotiations with anyone - UTV Pakistan

PTI Chairman Barrister Gohar Ali Khan stated that the party has not received any approval for negotiations and is not currently in talks with anyone. He emphasized the importance of a transparent investigation into the events of May 9.

Speaking to the media in Rawalpindi, Barrister Gohar shared PTI’s perspective, expressing optimism for a fair decision from the Supreme Court on reserved seats, excluding those obtained through electoral fraud.

He criticized the political motives driving the ongoing cases, expressing frustration over the delays in their resolution and cautioning against the addition of false charges. Barrister Gohar called for prompt decisions to ensure justice.

Looking ahead to the upcoming hearing on reserved seats on April 8, he expressed confidence in a clear ruling by the law, anticipating that the Supreme Court will restore PTI’s reserved seats.

Barrister Gohar also mentioned PTI’s release of a white paper on the general elections. He clarified that PTI’s founder did not question the integrity of the judiciary but instead advocated for its strengthening. He reiterated the founder’s call for the establishment of a judicial commission to investigate election fraud.

Barrister Gohar rejects negotiations with anyone

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