Natalie Portman ‘utterly devastated’ by husband Benjamin Millepied’s affair: Insider

Natalie Portman ‘utterly devastated' by husband Benjamin Millepied's affair Insider - UTV Pakistan

According to a insider, Natalie Portman was left utterly devastated upon discovering her husband Benjamin Millepied’s affair.

The source, who spoke exclusively to Us Weekly, disclosed that despite the distressing situation, Portman made valiant efforts to salvage their marriage.

Regrettably, it became increasingly apparent to her that she could not wholeheartedly commit to the relationship following the distressing incident of infidelity.

Revealing that Portman is “still hurt” after Millepied’s affair, the insider said, “She didn’t give up on [her marriage] lightly.”

“But it became pretty apparent toward the end of last year that her heart had gone out of it,” they added.

The insider went on to say that “Natalie and Ben actually started having problems over a year ago,” adding, “would sometimes not return home and was taking work trips that didn’t add up.”

Portman then “began to suspect infidelity,” the outlet revealed, adding that she was “was humiliated and utterly crushed by Benjamin’s behavior.”

However, the actor is now “taking time to focus on herself,” they shared. “She’s incredibly smart and philosophical about everything she does.”

“But at the end of the day, she’s a realist who isn’t going to stick around trying to save something that’s unfixable,” the source said of Portman who “gave this marriage her best shot.”

In August last year, it was reported by the same publication that Portman and Millepied have parted ways a month after rumours of his affair broke with climate activist Camille Étienne.

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