MQM-P lambasts Sindh govt over high rise in Karachi street crimes

MQM-P lambasts Sindh govt over high rise in Karachi street crimes - UTV Pakistan

In Karachi, the rising crime rate is suspected to involve police officers as accomplices, as stated by MQM-P leader Faisal Subzwari. He raised concerns about the federal government’s lack of action in addressing this pressing issue.

Subzwari expressed frustration over the lack of measures taken to combat the surge in street crimes in Karachi. He condemned the PPP government for the loss of lives during robberies, highlighting the connections between many criminals and the police force.

Criticism was also directed at the Sindh home minister for shifting blame onto the media for focusing on crime in Karachi. Subzwari advised the minister to choose his words carefully or remain silent.

The MQM-P leader questioned how the police could not be involved in crimes like mobile phone theft, given their history of accepting bribes from illegal activities such as Iranian oil smuggling and Afghan transit trade.

Subzwari, alongside other party leaders, announced the establishment of neighborhood committees to monitor illicit activities and criminal elements. He censured the provincial government for failing to safeguard the lives and property of citizens, noting the deteriorating law and order situation not only in Karachi but throughout the entire province.

Furthermore, Subzwari highlighted that stolen mobile phones and bikes from Karachi were being transported by road, not air, raising doubts about the police’s inability to recover these items.

Another MQM-P leader, Khawaja Izharul Hassan, asserted that the PPP government in Sindh had no justification for their inability to control the situation, especially after appointing their preferred candidate as the provincial police chief. He also alleged that the PPP had influenced the PML-N government to appoint a favored individual as the Sindh IGP, resulting in increased criminal activities in the Katcha area.

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