Bilawal congratulates nation on completion of 87 years of Sindh Assembly

Bilawal congratulates nation on completion of 87 years of Sindh Assembly - UTV Pakistan

Chairman of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, has congratulated the people of Pakistan, especially those in Sindh, and their democratic institutions on the 87th anniversary of the Sindh Assembly.

In a press release from the Media Cell Bilawal House on Saturday, he mentioned that the Sindh Legislative Assembly held its first session on April 27, 1937.

He highlighted the long-standing commitment to democracy in Pakistan, even before the country was formed, by our ancestors.

He also talked about the important role of Sir Shahnawaz Bhutto in the establishment of the first Sindh Assembly, expressing regret that he was not able to participate in its initial session due to a conspiracy.

Bilawal Bhutto mentioned that despite efforts to sideline his party, both Sir Shahnawaz Bhutto and Sir Abdullah Haroon’s party had a majority in the Sindh Assembly.

However, despite this majority, Sir Shahnawaz Bhutto’s party was not given the chance to form the government. Instead, a party with only three members in the House was invited by the Governor, ignoring the majority party’s mandate.

Bilawal Bhutto reiterated that despite facing many conspiracies and injustices, our predecessors remained committed to strengthening democratic institutions. He emphasized that his party’s history is full of efforts to support democracy and its institutions, from before partition to the present day.

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