Iran imposes sanctions on US, UK amid Gaza conflict

Iran imposes sanctions on US, UK amid Gaza conflict - UTV Pakistan

Iran imposed sanctions on several American and British individuals and entities for supporting Israel in its conflict with Hamas.

The sanctions were announced by Iran’s Foreign Ministry and targeted seven Americans, including General Bryan P. Fenton and Vice Admiral Brad Cooper.

British officials and entities like Grant Shapps and the U.K. Royal Navy were also affected. Companies like Lockheed Martin and Chevron from the U.S. and Elbit Systems, Parker Meggitt, and Rafael UK from the U.K. were included in the sanctions.

The measures involve blocking accounts and transactions in Iranian financial systems, freezing assets within Iran’s jurisdiction, and prohibiting visa issuance and entry into Iran.

The impact of these sanctions on the individuals or entities, as well as their assets or dealings with Iran, is still uncertain. Iran supports Hamas but denies direct involvement in the conflict with Israel.

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