US report on ‘human rights violations’ in Pakistan ‘hangs our heads in shame’: PTI

US report on 'human rights violations' in Pakistan 'hangs our heads in shame': PTI

Following the release of the “2023 Country Report on Human Rights Practices” by the US State Department, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf spokesperson Raoof Hasan supported the findings related to the country, stating that they felt ashamed after reading the report.

During a press conference with PTI Senator Walid Iqbal, Hasan mentioned that the US reports detailed alleged human rights violations in 2023, such as political cases, detentions, and disrespect for privacy.

He also highlighted that the US State Department’s report addressed issues like extrajudicial killings, enforced disappearances, political prisoners, censorship, and violence against journalists.

“The report also stated the environment of lawlessness in the country, besides other human rights violations which bowed our heads in shame,” the spokesperson of the Imran Khan-founded party added.

Senator Iqbal, speaking at the same press conference, claimed: “50 to 60 pages of the report were only about human rights violations [in our country] which gave details about torture on individuals in custody and even their killings. The report also mentioned the situation after regime change. It specifically mentioned subjecting PTI workers to torture.”

He stressed that all individuals, regardless of their political or religious beliefs, should have the right to fair trials, as per international laws.

Iqbal criticized the lack of implementation of laws in Pakistan, stating that it was shameful for a foreign country to depict their country in such a negative light.

He expressed disappointment over the lack of accountability for those responsible for the oppressive actions against the former ruling party.

The lawmaker also pointed out the unequal application of the law between the elite and the poor, as well as the preferential treatment of other parties over the PTI.

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