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Missile hit Cargo Ship near Yemen: Maritime Risk Company

Cargo ship hit by missile off Yemen maritime risk company - UTV Pakistan

According to a reputable maritime risk management company, a cargo ship owned by Greece fell victim to a missile attack off the coast of Yemen. The assailants responsible for this act of aggression are believed to be Yemen’s Houthi militia, notorious for their series of attacks in the Red Sea. The targeted vessel, which had recently visited Israel and was en route to Suez, swiftly altered its course and sought refuge in port following the incident. As of now, the Houthi militia has refrained from commenting on the attack.

This incident follows the recent strikes launched by the United States and the United Kingdom on Houthi territory in response to previous attacks on American vessels. Initially, the Houthi militia had been targeting vessels they perceived to be linked to Israel. However, their recent actions have expanded their scope, deeming US and British interests as legitimate targets. The United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations also reported an incident in Yemen, although no further details were provided.

The escalating tensions in the Red Sea have raised concerns about the potential impact on liquefied natural gas shipments and the exacerbation of the crisis. In response, some shipping companies have opted for longer routes around southern Africa, deviating from the usual route between Asia and European markets. The Prime Minister of Qatar has warned about the risks associated with these tensions, emphasizing the need for a diplomatic solution rather than military intervention. It is crucial to acknowledge that engaging in military action could further escalate the crisis and have far-reaching consequences.

The decision of certain shipping companies to take alternative routes reflects the growing unease in the region. However, it is imperative to prioritize diplomatic efforts in order to find a resolution. The Prime Minister’s stance on this matter is well-founded, as resorting to military intervention may only worsen the situation. As tensions continue to mount in the Red Sea, the potential disruption to liquefied natural gas shipments remains a cause for concern.

Missile hit Cargo Ship near Yemen: Maritime Risk Company

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