AML Set to Dominate Elections in Rawalpindi: Sheikh Rashid

AML Set to Dominate Elections in Rawalpindi Sheikh Rashid - UTV Pakistan

.Former interior minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed has expressed confidence that his party, Awami Muslim League, will win a majority in Rawalpindi in the upcoming general elections.

Speaking to reporters outside an anti-terrorism court in Rawalpindi, Rashid stated that the elections will be held on time and the people will have the opportunity to vote.

When asked about the current political situation in the country, Rashid admitted that it was the first time he found Pakistani politics difficult to understand. He emphasized that the next three days will be crucial and that the situation will become clearer by January 13.

Earlier, Rashid and Sheikh Shafique appeared in court for a terrorism case, but the hearing was adjourned due to the absence of Rashid’s counsel. The next hearing is scheduled for January 15.

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