US House passes bill for possible TikTok ban

US House passes bill for possible TikTok ban - UTV Pakistan

The US House passed a bill on Saturday afternoon that requires TikTok’s parent company to sell the app or face a ban in the country.

The bill mandates that ByteDance, the China-based company, must sell TikTok within nine months, with the possibility of an extension to a year by the president.

If ByteDance fails to comply, TikTok could be banned nationwide. With the support of President Biden and the Senate, this proposal, which extends the sale period compared to a previous House bill, is now closer than ever to being banned in the US.

Later in the day, the House is set to vote on three proposals that would authorize the US to provide additional security assistance to the Indo-Pacific region, Israel, and Ukraine. Following a rare bipartisan alliance, with more Democrats (165) than Republicans (151) supporting the legislation, the chamber is expected to vote on the four initiatives consecutively.

It is anticipated that the three foreign aid bills will pass in the coming days and be sent to the Senate for approval. Together, these bills make up the $95 billion relief plan that President Biden has advocated for, with some modifications from the Senate’s previous version.

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