Economy getting better under Shehbaz-led govt: Tarar

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During a joint press conference on Thursday, Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Atta Tarar shared some positive news about the economy, crediting its foundations to the 16-month PDM government.

Tarar emphasized that the rupee has stabilized, a fact recognized by Bloomberg, signaling an improvement in Pakistan’s economic condition. He also highlighted the economy’s upward trajectory, citing a stable currency, decreasing inflation, improved stock exchange performance, and positive economic indicators.

Tarar stressed the importance of not jeopardizing the economy for political gains, pointing out that PIA is a major loss-making entity that incurs significant annual losses for the national exchequer.

He commended Shehbaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz for their contributions in Punjab and hinted at the formation of a grand alliance without disclosing any names.

The minister also addressed rumors about Bushra Bibi’s health, confirming that her doctor had declared her condition satisfactory. Tarar mentioned Prime Minister’s visit to the Dasu Hydropower Project, showing support for Chinese engineers working diligently for Pakistan.

He assured that a relief package for media workers would be announced before Eidul Fitr and mentioned the review of the Walton Airport agreement from the PTI founder’s era.

Economy getting better under Shehbaz-led govt: Tarar

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