CM Maryam initiates to revolutionize health reforms

In Lahore, Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif officially launched Pakistan's first Nawaz Sharif IT City Project on Saturday.

The Punjab Chief Minister, Maryam Nawaz, has recently unveiled an ambitious health reform program known as Sehatmand Punjab.

This initiative aims to revolutionize healthcare services throughout the province. The program includes initiatives such as providing free medications with home delivery services, establishing 32 field hospitals in remote areas, deploying 200 mobile clinics in informal settlements, and upgrading basic and rural health centers.

In addition to these efforts, Maryam Nawaz has also announced plans to construct three medical cities in various regions of Punjab.

She emphasized the significance of these health reforms and urged the public to embrace a healthier lifestyle. The Chief Minister stressed the importance of a healthy population in driving societal progress and vowed to ensure that all citizens have equal access to healthcare services.

Maryam Nawaz called for a united effort to promote a healthier Punjab, emphasizing the need for collective action in achieving this goal.

CM Maryam initiates to revolutionize health reforms

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