US lawmakers advise Biden against recognizing Pakistan election results

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Multiple lawmakers in the United States, representing both political parties, have urged President Joe Biden’s administration to refrain from recognizing the election results in Pakistan until alleged irregularities have been thoroughly investigated.

The spokesperson for the US State Department has expressed concerns regarding allegations of interference in the electoral process and stressed the necessity of conducting a comprehensive investigation into claims of interference or fraud.

Additionally, the spokesperson has highlighted the findings of credible international and local election observers who have identified unwarranted limitations on freedom of expression, association, and peaceful assembly during the elections.

Given the resolute statements made by House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Michael McCaul, Ranking Member Gregory Meeks, and other influential lawmakers in support of Pakistani democracy, the committee’s chairman has urged the Biden Administration and Congress to address concerns regarding irregularities in vote counting and ballot tampering.

Congressman Brad Sherman, a prominent member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, has underscored the significance of press organizations in Pakistan being able to report on vote tabulations freely and the timely announcement of results.

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib has also voiced her support, emphasizing the imperative for the United States to stand alongside the Pakistani people as their democracy faces a grave threat.

She has stressed the need for the Pakistani people to exercise their right to elect their leaders without any interference or tampering, while also urging the United States to ensure that its tax dollars do not support any individual or entity that undermines the democratic process.

US lawmakers advise Biden against recognizing Pakistan election results

US lawmakers advise Biden against recognizing Pakistan election results

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